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The fundamental goal of the ICCS is to improve the quality of life and the life expectancy for all growing individuals with deficient bladder function, expressed as problems of storage and evacuation of urine. ICCS intends to approach this goal by increasing knowledge in all aspects of this problem area.

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Tryggve Nevéus, ICCS President
Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President
President's Message
Memories of the Cairns conference are still fresh although my tan has quickly faded in the very sparse Swedish sunshine. I hope those of you who took part in the meeting are as satisfied as I am. I am very grateful for the good work being done by the previous ICCS Board, our friends in the Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) and others... More...

ICCS Course on Enuresis in collaboration with the Japanese Society of Enuresis and Japanese Society of Pediatric Urology

28-29 June 2015
Juroku Plaza in Gifu City, Japan

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2015 ICCS Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic ICCS 2015 Annual Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic
14-18 October 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

The ICCS will hold its 2015 annual meeting 14-18, October 2015 in conjunction with the Society of Pediatric Urology and the International Children's Continence Society. The meeting will be taking place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Please mark your calendar, tell your colleagues and plan to attend this exciting meeting and venue. A call for abstracts will be made in the Winter of 2015. Current information for the upcoming event can be seen from this slide show.

Industry cooperation statement
The ICCS is an independent, nonprofit organisation aimed at the advancement of research and healthcare. The ICCS Board and associated experts get no payment for their work. The running costs of the ICCS are covered by membership fees and unconditional educational grants from the medical industry. More...